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Lumileds welcome ‘The Garage Inspector’ as the Philips Automotive Lighting Brand Ambassador

Andy Savva, 'The Garage Inspector', has been involved in the automotive industry for over 32 years, having owned and managed some of the most successful independent garages in the UK and Lumileds – who bring Philips automotive products to the market – are delighted to announce that Andy has been appointed as brand ambassador for the UK and Ireland.

As an automotive aftermarket business expert, Andy has helped many garage owners take their businesses to the next level. He has also helped many industry-leading Original Equipment parts suppliers and distributors understand how garage owners think and what they want from their suppliers.

“I have always endorsed the use of OE parts, therefore I am pleased to be working with Lumileds and Philips lighting products as they offer unparalleled knowledge and awareness of the automotive lighting market, while creating automotive lighting solutions of the highest quality that meet stringent European standards with a zero-defect tolerance.

“I will be promoting that road safety starts with seeing and being seen,” explains Andy. “Therefore, garages should be using high-quality automotive lighting with maximum light output, combined with long-lasting performance, to offer the most efficient lighting solutions to customers, because we understand that high-quality lighting ultimately saves lives.”

Richard Armstrong, Business Development Manager Automotive - UK & Eire at Lumileds said: “Some people wonder what’s happening, others watch it happen, Andy Savva makes it happen. We are delighted to welcome our new amasassdor to the team. Andy knows how to run a successful workshop and recommends fitting OE parts, because they protect both the customer and the reputation of the workshop.”

“Andy is also a familiar face to many vehicle technicians, and he understands the challenges that they face on a daily basis.Therefore the technician will not only benefit from the highest quality of lighting available but also, as an automotive expert, Andy brings with him years of both practical and academic knowledge His experience, coupled with an unrivalled passion for the automotive sector make him a great person to have championing our brand, its products and the underlying messages of quality and safety.”

About Lumileds

For automotive, mobile, IoT and illumination companies who require innovative lighting solutions, Lumileds is a global leader employing more than 9,000 team members operating in over 30 countries. Lumileds partners with its customers to push the boundaries of light.

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