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As The Garage Inspector, I follow a strategic process of understanding my clients’ needs. Clarifying the actions that need to be addressed. Creating solutions that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed based). Change comes with the ability and desire for the client to let go of the old ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and willingly adopt a new way of operating. Continuing with them to implement specific levels of knowledge and understanding that will result in improved and sustainable performance; ensuring and helping the client understand how it was done, why it worked, and how the exercise can be repeated.

I have owned and managed some of the most successful independent garages in the UK and have become known as a garage business expert. As an automotive aftermarket business expert, I have helped many garage owners take their businesses to amazing levels of success, and I have simultaneously also helped many industry-leading original equipment (OE) parts suppliers and distributors understand how garage owners think and what they want from their suppliers. I am one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people when it comes to the automotive industry.

Services offered:

  • Keynote speaking and presenting

  • Garage business training days

  • On-site business training days* (we bring our training to you)

  • Garage Business Masterplan

  • Garage business marketing

  • Complete on-site garage business review and in-depth analysis of your current operating processes/procedures, comprising:

- Operational and financial management

- Reception and workshop management

- Processes

- Garage marketing

- Customer relationship management

- Bespoke review

- Garage business mentoring


The Garage Inspector courses include:

Andy says: “Since selling my successful garage business back in 2016, I began developing these unique business training courses as it became more apparent that many garage businesses were good are repairing vehicles, but just lacked general business skills. These are intended to bridge the gap and are aimed at owner/managers, service/workshop managers, service reception advisors, and technicians. I can assure everyone they will not be disappointed with the content and delivery of these courses.”


*on-site training

After trialling and receiving tremendous feedback, I’m excited to announce that you can now book me to come to your business to deliver my unique business training courses – straight to you and your entire team.


Garage owners and managers – can you confidently say that your whole team is on the same page? Does your team have the expertise needed to successfully elevate your garage business? Perhaps you have attended my business training courses in the past and feel that you have the essential knowledge, but can’t seem to communicate this effectively to your team? Well, you can now choose any one of my four courses. The minimum requirement is ten people (you may want to join with another garage if that suits you). It is a fantastic opportunity to bring all staff members together and rebuild your business as a unit. I will give each of you the tools needed to make immediate improvements to the business, and at the same time, rekindle your passion for the garage trade.

EAC Telford.jpeg

"A most productive and successful day delivering my Customer Excellence & Reception Management Essentials training course to Mark & Jayne Kettle and their team at EAC Telford Ltd. A great day was had by all!"

Business skills are paramount to the success of your garage, so that’s why leading aftersales expert The Garage Inspector (Andy Savva – an experienced award-winning former garage owner himself), has launched his eagerly awaited courses which are unique to the independent garage repair sector. These will of course be delivered in Andy’s own unique passionate, knowledgeable manner in a formal but fun environment. The courses are held throughout the UK and Ireland, with dates added throughout the year.

Richard Armstrong,
Philips Automotive Lighting

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