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Garage Business Masterplan


Embark on this transformative journey to refine your business engine, steering towards efficiency, profitability, and success with strategic precision.


In the automotive world, we appreciate the necessity of an annual MOT to ensure our vehicles remain roadworthy and secure. Yet, when it comes to our businesses, particularly those in the independent garage sector, a mere annual check-up falls short of what's truly required for substantial growth and improvement.

Imagine instead undergoing a comprehensive business overhaul, akin to a full engine rebuild, where every component of your garage business is evaluated and enhanced for peak performance.  This is the essence of what I offer through my Garage Business Masterplan.

For garage owners, it's all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations, losing sight of the broader perspective. When was the last time you paused to evaluate your business’s efficiency and profitability comprehensively? Are there minor adjustments that can increase significant improvements? How might your current practices be hindering customer acquisition, the productivity of your team or the overall efficiency of your engine room, your workshop?

Do you have a clear vision and a strategic plan in place to achieve it? Just as a vehicle might seem to run well but underperform without a thorough inspection, your garage business might not reach its full potential without expert analysis and strategic planning.

That's where I come in – 'The Garage Inspector'. My approach to business coaching is not a cursory MOT but a deep dive into the mechanics of your garage business to identify and remedy inefficiencies, strategize for growth, and improve profitability.

My services encompass:

  • Vision and Strategy Development

  • Financial Analysis

  • Marketing Strategy and Brand Identity

  • Leadership and Management Coaching

  • Operations and Process Optimisation

  • Customer Service Excellence and Front-of-House Improvement

Together, we will assess your current position and chart a course to where you aspire to be, uncovering growth and performance opportunities along the way. Even minor adjustments, strategically applied, can significantly accelerate your progress toward your goals.

If you're ready to shift your perspective, focus on impactful changes, and drive your garage business towards greater profitability and growth, it's time to step back and examine the bigger picture of your operations and motivations.

What's holding you back? Why isn't your profitability where it should be? Identifying the weaknesses in your business and the obstacles to effective decision-making is the first step toward overcoming them. Together, we'll discover the path that suits you best.

As your passionate business mentor & coach, I offer more than generic advice. My deep understanding of the garage aftersales sector, forged through years of firsthand experience, sets me apart. I provide empathetic, informed support to navigate the unique challenges of this industry.

The Garage Business Masterplan begins with an initial garage visit priced at £1582 + VAT, with travel and accommodation costs capped at £346.00 (UK only).

Once we’ve identified the key issues and created a blueprint for your success, I’ll work with you over the next six months to implement these changes into your business.

I can support you in 3 ways:
Engage with me under a minimum 6-month contract (extendable as needed) with three options:

  • Option 1: A monthly 45-minute session via Teams/Zoom with you and your team (if required) for £182.00 plus VAT (minimum six months).

  • Option 2: A fortnightly 45-minute session via Teams/Zoom with you and your team (if required) for £323.00 plus VAT (minimum six months).


  • Option 3: A monthly 45-minute session via Teams/Zoom with you and your team (if required) plus 3 onsite visits during the 6 months every 8th week for £1178.00 plus VAT. 

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