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I just wanted to say a massive thank you, I both really enjoyed and appreciated your course.  


Having attended many courses in the past on many different subjects, this genuinely was the most  beneficial I have ever been on, and will certainly have a profound impact on me, my business, staff and family.


Having listened to your advice I haven’t rushed to change everything yet, but practically didn’t sleep last night there was so much going around my in my head.


I will definitely be attending again, and sharing my incredibly positive feedback with everyone I meet.


Thank you!

Steven Bowyer

Precision Vehicle Repair

Great pair of training days and invaluable for us starting out! Thanks Andy.

Charmaine Briscoe

Bellman's Yard Garage

Another wonderful and useful training day. Many, many thanks for the inspiration.


VRT - Online (Slough)

I just wanted to say thank you for the course we attended yesterday, we have again come away with so much great information and insights that will have a huge impact on our business


I truly believe that if we had not attended your financial course in September 2019 that the Covid 19 pandemic would have closed my business. The tools that you gave us have changed my company from 'Just about getting by' to a profitable business that has savings and has also been able to invest in new equipment and training, and this has been done within 12 months! I cant thank you enough for this and am constantly spreading the word to fellow garage owners that i know and meet

Mike Field

Fields Car Centre

Another outstanding day with Andy Savva, this time on his ‘ Financial understanding’ course.

This is one every  owner/ manager must attend. No exceptions.

It’s an eye opener. It will change the way you look at your business.

In fact anyone on the front desk, rear desk, or at any desk! Needs to know this stuff.

I needed it twenty years ago! But sadly no one was out there teaching it.

Don’t be put off if you feel inadequate when it comes to accounts and numbers, most of us do, but it’s the thinking behind the numbers that’s important. Andy will give you the tools to see what’s really going on in your accounts.

Thank you Andy for once again surpassing my expectations.

Tina Drayson


Having attended many of Andy courses, I was not disappointed yesterday when I attended the Financial Understanding course for the 2nd time. As I have come to expect from Andy, he makes you dig deep, challenge yourself and as always, his delivery is captivating.


What I love about this financial course is, you do not just read & listen, you use sample data from the workbook, pen & calculator and you get to work. Andy is on hand to assist if needed and it really makes you focus on the figures, where they come from and what they are telling you.


The first time I attended the financial course was 2 years ago. Like many others, I sat there cringing in my seat when Andy talks about bad habits, bad practices, poor margins, poor labour rates and how we as an industry have undervalued ourselves.


It was immensely satisfying yesterday, to be able to sit through the course again knowing that as a company, we have implemented some of the changes that we took away from this course 1st time round. This is reflected in our accounts, our cashflow and even our staff morale. We are not perfect, and we still have a lot of improvements to make.


Confession time – I have become a bit of a KPI queen and there is nothing that I can’t do with a spreadsheet. What Andy has taught me is, if it can be measured and the information is useful, learn from it.


Andy gives you the knowledge and the tools, use them well.


“Knowledge is a weapon; I intend to be armed”


I genuinely believe that this is the best financial course out there for our industry, you will get to meet likeminded people and realise that we are all in this game together. Just be warned, you will come away with your brain working overtime. 


General Garage

First course for me with Andy. Within an hour of training he blew my mined away.. what a guy and no doubt I’ll be back doing more and the sooner the better. Thanks again you have opened my eyes massively!

Ross Maitland

Maitland Motors

Thank you for an amazing 2 days my mind has been blown away and definitely made me look at my business differently and move it forward to a more profitable slicker workshop. Was a pleasure to meet you and listen to your advice. 

Marc Lennon

Cavendish Motors

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the excellent two days. I was quite apprehensive given the whole COVID situation but was very impressed by the way you and the hotel managed the situation.

The course content was excellent but more importantly the delivery and anecdotes provided where superb. You really made an effort to break things down into simple everyday language rather than over complicating things. Sharing your stories and literature where very humbling and inspiring and I will take a lot from the two days. I look forward to seeing you again later in the year for the other two courses.

Paul Dillion

Dillions Garage

I would like to thank you for Tuesday & Wednesday’s training. You have a very unique way of getting your message across and it's very clear that it's your passion.

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