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Can’t make it to my face-to-face courses? You can now benefit from my expertise in creating excellent independent garage businesses with my innovative new online courses - wherever you are in the world.


Over a two-week period, you will join 3x 1-hour online workshops where I will share my extensive experience and make sure you connect with fellow garage owners and staff.


Between workshops, you will have access to a wealth of online videos, resources, and interactive activities to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and habits needed to be successful in your role.  


You’ll learn what it takes to create outstanding garage businesses and leave with immediate actions you can implement in your workshop. We’ll also support you for 12 weeks after each course to help you embed good practice into your everyday business practices and ensure what you’ve learned makes a big impact.

Upcoming courses:

Taking Control of Your Garage’s Finances


Mastering Marketing for Your Garage Business


Leading Effective Garage Teams


Customer and Front of House Excellence

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