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Training for success

Well what a few weeks it has been having completed 4 days of business training 1st in Crawley in East Sussex then onto Rugby in Northampton. The subjects I covered were Customer Excellence and Financial Understanding for the Garage Business. I had over 60 delegates attend over the 4 days and the feedback has just been overwhelming and extremely encouraging.

All 4 days were pretty long beginning at 9am and ending 5.30pm and many had travelled long distances to attend which made their days even longer. I cannot thank all of my delegates enough, without them there would be no courses to facilitate.

The business training days are instructive, enjoyable and sometimes thought provoking, discussion was encouraged and there were lively debates covering many areas that garage folk are facing in todays aftermarket repair sector.

I can’t tell you what a buzz and excitement it has for me having likeminded garage people in my courses, its been a real pleasure in meeting so many diverse people who all have something common garage life.

I have another 4 days to cover,2 in Exeter 7th & 8th Nov where the subjects will Marketing Essentials and Financial Understanding and Glasgow on the 20th & 21st November where I will cover Customer Excellence & Financial Understanding again.

I am hoping to have my 4th course ready for early next year and provisional dates in early 2019 for the rest of my courses. Please keep an eye on my website and social media for updates.

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