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Schaeffler confirms ‘The Garage Inspector’ as first UK ‘Brand Ambassador’

Andy Savva, 'The Garage Inspector' has become Schaeffler’s first UK Brand Ambassador

Andy has been supporting Schaeffler’s REPXPERT team by presenting at various trade fairs and training events over recent months, sharing his expertise on building up a workshop brand and profile, while also offering tips and best practice techniques on how to make a business profitable.

Following a positive and successful start to their working relationship, Andy has now accepted an invitation to become an official ‘Brand Ambassador’ – which he described as, “overwhelming”.

On being offered the role, he said: “To be associated with a leading global brand, like Schaeffler, a company that I trusted for its quality of components during my years owning and running workshops, the opportunity was one that I simply couldn’t turn down.

“I am very proud; over the years, I have endorsed the use of original equipment parts, so I am a perfect match for Schaeffler. I have a passion for helping the independent sector, and this new role will only help my ambition of achieving that.”

Because of his familiarity with the workshop business, Andy will be mainly focused on supporting the REPXPERT team, as well as conducting various media duties. REPXPERT users will also be able to redeem bonus points to enrol on one of his one-day business courses held at various UK locations throughout the year.

In a message to technicians, he said: “We are here to help, guide and assist REPXPERT users. The challenges of running a workshop today, and in the future, are huge; therefore, this is a unique partnership, which will enable all users to not only access excellent technical training, but also benefit from my business acumen on the same platform.”

Schaeffler Managing Director, Nigel Morgan, said: “Andy is a familiar face to most vehicle mechanics, who appreciate the fact that he has been there, done that and got the T-shirt to prove it.

“He knows how to run a successful workshop and recommends fitting genuine quality parts, like ours, because they protect his reputation, as they will protect yours.

“Tapping into his business skills will allow us to increase the type and level of support we can offer to workshops, via REPXPERT online or at live training events.”

To learn more about The Garage Inspector and the workshop business courses available visit REPXPERT members can sign-up to attend these courses using their bonus points, by logging in to REPXPERT and heading to the ‘events’ page.

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