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Close ties between Schaeffler and The Garage Inspector

Schaeffler (UK) has described Andy Savva as the ‘perfect role model for any workshop owner’ after the original equipment manufacturer revealed that ‘The Garage Inspector’ will be working closer with its REPXPERT members.

Andy supported the REPXPERT team at the recent Autoinform Live event in Glasgow by providing visitors with valuable advice on how to build their workshop brand and profile, while also offering tips and best practice techniques on how to make their business as profitable as it can be.

REPXPERT users can now find free and exclusive clips on the REPXPERT portal, where The Garage Inspector can be seen sharing his top tips on how to grow a successful workshop business.

Schaeffler technical services manager, Malcolm Short, said: “Andy is a figurehead within the industry; his experience and know-how will make a positive difference to the fortunes of our REPXPERT users, who, perhaps, are in need of extra support in running a busy workshop business.

“Over the coming months, REPXPERT users should check the ‘The Garage Inspector’ page for helpful insights and tips on how to improve their business.”

The Garage Inspector, Andy Savva, added: “I am so excited to be asked by the REPXPERT team to share my business knowledge with its members. Running a successful independent garage can sometimes be a little overwhelming, as they are very demanding places.

“Customers and colleagues expect so much – and help is not always there for workshops when it is most needed – and this is where I can help with business support and advice. I am someone who has owned and managed large successful garages, so I understand more than anyone about the day-to-day challenges owners and their team are faced with. I hope to bridge the gap with my business tips and, indeed, my one-day business training days.”


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