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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I’m Andy Savva, 'The Garage Inspector'. I understand that more often than not, independent garage owners feel alone at the top, with nobody to bounce ideas off, to help them put new systems in place, to help them reach their goals or to confirm where their numbers need to be to achieve the highest level of success.

Well, this is where I can help you...


"The day Andy came to our garage" 

We closed our garage for a day before Xmas, for Andy to come and spend the time with the whole team at Field’s. We have known Andy for a few years through Autoinform and such, with one or two of us attending his seminars. I personally, have been so impressed with the value of his training, that I wanted the whole team to hear him speak on Customer excellence.

We could never send everyone to his training days, so what better way than to have Andy come and see the garage (and boy does he see through it!) and at the same time meet the guys. For us to then move off site to a conference facility to have him present his Customer excellence and Reception course.

From the youngest mechanic and car cleaner through to our accounts lady. Whilst not every one of them has direct contact with our customers, they all indirectly do. Each one plays a part in our customer’s experience with Field’s. So we wanted everyone to attend.

I could try to quantify the cost of closing for a day in lost revenue and wages, however I cannot put a figure on the long term benefit of having Andy talk to the whole team. You can’t put a value on passion. The crucial thing Andy does is to bring passion. Passion for the independent garage, passion for excellence, and passion for our customer experience. And you know what? It’s contagious!

You can’t help but come away inspired, refreshed, with a new vigour to press on and take the business forward. He encourages you where you are getting it right and brings direction to the areas where you’re not hitting the mark. He left our team buzzing with enthusiasm.

I mentioned earlier you cannot put a value on a day like this. We have been in business nearly 40 years and have longed for something like this. Andy visit will go down for us a turning point, and a ‘springboard’ for the coming new decade for Field’s.

Thank you Andy.

Mike Field


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Wow just wow. Just completed the management and customer service days with Andy after doing the finance and marketing courses a few months ago. These courses are a MUST DO for any garage owner wanting to better the self, their garage and their relationship with staff and customers. Andy is passionate, knowledgeable and engaging with his delegates. Although it is a classroom type set up you really do feel as if it's a one to one. From the location selection, the food and little touches that Andy orginises throughout the day to the course delivery itself the whole experience is first class. Andy takes time to make sure every single person in the room feels good, understands the content and feels relaxed and free to ask any question about thier buisness or the the course itself. Nothing is to much trouble. I normally get a "lightbulb moment" on most courses I attend these courses I had multipul off these moments before lunch. It's inspired me to go get a grow my relationships with staff, customers and better my buisness. Andy thank you for what you have done for me so far and for what you do for our trade. It's enlightening to have a man of this caliber in our industry.

Ross maitland,
Maitland Motors, Fife